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Binding slats

Binding slats are and remain a popular alternative to wall liner. With a slat frame/wall, you combine the best of two worlds.
A cargo space with binding slats has the advantage of more possibilities to secure your cargo. We use high quality pine slats that are sanded on both sides, giving an attractive look.

At Motexion, we pre-mount the top slats on steel brackets for all models of commercial vehicles. This creates a frame that can easily be installed with pop rivets. This creates a robust structure and installation is fast and easy.










We have three types of binding slats at Motexion:

Slat frame – Set:
This lines the entire cargo space with slats. Slat frames for the top half in combination with separate slats for the bottom half. And of course panels for the sliding door.

Slat frame – Wall
Slat frames for the top half and wall panels for the bottom half of the cargo space. This allows you to secure the cargo at the top and the bottom is optimally protected against shifting cargo.

Slat frame – top
The slat frames can of course also be ordered separately, for example if plastic panels are already installed in the vehicle from the factory.

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