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At motexion, we’re glad to help you with the protection of your company car.For every brand and model <7000lb we develop and produce a complete range of accesoiries for optimal protection. The use of this product prevents damage to your load, car and driver. Our gamma is delivered including fastenings and ready-to-install packages, which are easy to instal due to their perfect fit.The right products at the right time and the right place. That’s where our challenge lies.



At Motexion, we aim to be your one-stop shop for all accessories for your commercial vehicles. We have a broad range of products to get your commercial vehicle ready to use.

Nerf bars
To protect the sides of the vehicle, we supply nerf bars for all models.
These are made of thick-walled stainless steel and are available in various models in either matte or gloss, with or without steps. Various solutions are also available for the front and rear or your commercial vehicle to make it more practical or more rugged.

Bumper protection
The aluminium bumper plate can be mounted on top of the bumper, is anti-slip, prevents scratching and gives a professional look.

Cargo securing system
In some countries, it is already mandatory to secure cargo heavier than 10 kg in the cargo space to prevent it shifting. It seems a matter time before this becomes a requirement in our country. At Motexion, we also have a large number of accessories to secure cargo in the cargo space: various types of rails for the wall or the floor, extra anchor rings, roller container rails and tie-down straps are available to set up the cargo space completely ready to use.

Over the years at Motexion, we have often come up with solutions for customers that were not available from our standard range. This has created an assortment of products that enables us to address tricky problems. We also have a large number of both cosmetic and practical accessories to make your commercial vehicle more beautiful, safer or more complete.

The installation wheels, bit and support together comprise a set of installation aids, but can also be ordered individually.

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