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Floor liner

We use high quality Finnish birch plywood sheeting for the floor panels.

A floor liner protects the floor of the vehicle and provides a stable and textured surface to transport cargo. The anti-slip coating, together with the tie-down anchors, ensures that the cargo does not shift.

We use high quality European birch plywood sheeting for the floor panels. The top layer of the floor is provided with a wear-resistant and oil and waterproof anti-slip coating. The sheet material is WPB exterior bonded and we make floors out of one piece whenever possible. The MS polymer adhesive included can be used to bond the floor and seal the edges. This makes the floor easy to keep clean.

Where possible, we provide the floor with anchor pockets for recessed tie-down rings to be installed.

The floor panels are 9 mm or 12 mm thick. Both are available in brown and the 9 mm also comes in grey. If desired, we can match the colour of the wall liner to the choice of floor panel.

“The difference is in the details,” we say at Motexion. The floor panels are given a high-grade finish. Aside from the floor panels being provided with recessed anchor rings as standard, the floor is bevelled at the entrances to avoid cargo bumping against the edge of the floor panel. The edges are also painted in the colour of the floor for an attractive finish. Optionally, the entrance at sliding and/or rear doors can be finished with an optional aluminium protective strip.
We are also happy to meet specific customer wishes. For example, we can mill aircraft tie-down rails into the floor, prepare mounts for equipment, or work with other materials.

Specifications Flooring
Thickness dark brown ~ 9 mm
Number of layers 7
Thickness light grey ~ 12 mm
Number of layers 9
Volume mass 700 kg/m3
Darkbrown phenolfilm ~ 220 gr/m2
Light grey melamine coating ~ 220 gr/m2



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