• Bellstraat 4 | 3133 KE Vlaardingen
  • tel.: +31 (0)10 - 592 83 83
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Motexion is still a relatively young company, but it has earned its place on the market. We are proud of the customers that we serve and the growth we have achieved. Here are a few highlights:

1993 The birth of Modul Protection in Maassluis
1998 Production of floor and wall panels is automated with a CNC machine
2002 Move to Bellstraat in Vlaardingen
2005 Name change: Modul Protection becomes Motexion
2008 Expansion of production capacity with fully automatic CNC machine
2011 Expansion of the premises with extra storage for raw materials
2014 Opening of sales office in France
2015 New 3rd CNC machine
2016 Building across the street purchased for extra storage space