• Bellstraat 4 | 3133 KE Vlaardingen
  • tel.: +31 (0)10 - 592 83 83
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We have a modern production facility together with our office in our company premises on the Bellstraat in Vlaardingen, This is where we work in two shifts every day to produce and ship your orders, whether it is for a single vehicle or an entire fleet.

We keep ample stock of all semi-finished products and raw materials. This enables us to respond quickly and produce your orders in a short time. All products are milled on one of our three computer controlled milling machines or mechanically produced another way. This doesn’t necessarily make the process faster, but does make it 100% accurate!

The products in our assortment are prepared completely ready for installation with mounting holes and/or spacer slats and the correct fasteners are included. This makes installation at your workshop fast and easy.