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At motexion, we’re glad to help you with the protection of your company car.For every brand and model <7000lb we develop and produce a complete range of accesoiries for optimal protection. The use of this product prevents damage to your load, car and driver. Our gamma is delivered including fastenings and ready-to-install packages, which are easy to instal due to their perfect fit.The right products at the right time and the right place. That’s where our challenge lies.


The quality of our products is ensured through the use of high-quality materials.

Quality is a central element in our organisation. This is based on our quality manual (ISO 9001:2015), and our customers also challenge us to continuously improve the quality of products, services and organisation.

Every employee has their own task in this, from order processing to shipping. Every step is checked during production and a final inspection is done before shipping.

The quality of our products is ensured through the use of high-quality materials. There is also prior testing of whether the materials meet the requirements. Continuity of quality delivered and availability are important reasons for this.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the utilisation of high-quality raw materials. This gives you the following advantages:

  • Safety
  • Perfect protection
  • No maintenance
  • Strong and easy to clean
  • Light, as a result of which net load capacity is scarcely affected and fuel costs are kept under control
  • Able to be dismantled, meaning that wiring and repair activities are simple in the event of damage to the floor
  • Suitable for reuse
  • The system is delivered complete and suitable for any type of delivery van
  • Sound insulating
  • Ecologically sound material
  • Durable

Further technical specifications of our quality can be seen under the product description.