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Our goal is to offer you a single adress for all your products. In addition we believe that our service must be outstanding to meet to your demands

Our delivery programme is comprehensive. We deliver the desired means of protection for your vehicle. Anything not yet in the standard range can be developed for you.
Product development generally starts at the point of your customer. This enables our current delivery programme to meet the needs of the market.

We deliver promptly, usually within a week. We have a lot of products at stock which are transported the next day. Bigger volumes need more time for production; please contact us for more details.

Our products are easy to install and come with a manual for trouble-free and error-free installation. If you still have any question you will find our team ready to help you.

After sales
We guarantee a professional approach. If something goes wrong, we solve the problem quickly.

Environmental care
Motexion consciously chooses only to use wood from certified responsibly managed forests that meets the requirements of the EUTR.

Environmental care/CSR

We realise that many of our products are made of wood and that a large number of trees die for this every year. At Motexion, we only use wood obtained from certified responsibly managed forests.

All our wood suppliers are FSC or PEFC certified and the wood provided meets the requirements of the European Timber Regulation (EUTR).

We also choose trustworthy partners that can present the appropriate sustainability references for other raw materials.

Of course, we also try to keep the environmental impact as low as possible in our direct area: sorted waste streams and recycling of residual materials are a given. We also generate about half of our electricity ourselves with 270 solar panels on the roof and have taken various measures to reduce energy consumption considerably.

Regarding human resources, we take our motto very seriously at Motexion: “Work should be fun”. Employees are regularly trained and given courses and there is room to adjust working hours according to certain preferences.

Our team consists of a variety of nationalities and people with poor job prospects are also explicitly involved in our operations. Not only internally, but also at several suppliers.
We believe that a good working environment increases the engagement of the staff, which contributes to higher quality and production.

We had 270 solar panels installed on the roof of the premises in the summer of 2015. The peak output is 69 kWp. Here is a photo of the panels on the roof.