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Wall liner

Wall liner primarily serves to protect the sides of the cargo space from falling cargo. The damage caused by toppling cargo is often expensive and a full wall liner is the best prevention.
Aside from protection, a wall liner also gives the cargo space an attractive finish and also provides both thermal and noise insulation.

The wall liner is made of high-quality European birch plywood that is provided with a light-brown or light-grey polypropylene coating. This durable coating does not discolour, is washable and has good chemical resistance, for example against diluted acids, oils, fuel and most solvents.
Birch plywood is strong and flexible, which enables it to follow the curves of the vehicle well. Where possible, we use existing mounting holes in the chassis and the doors and we consider ventilation of the cargo space.

Wall panels come in standard 4 mm and 6.5 mm thicknesses. Aside from these standard products, other types of wall liner are also available, for example 5 mm thick plywood with a transparent coating (ECO) or 12 mm bare plywood, with or without milled slots. Ask about the possibilities!

A wall liner set always includes the left + right-hand sides + the panels on the sliding door(s). Of course, we always include all the fasteners. Motexion will work with you for the best solution: we always try to keep the installation time as short as possible and use fasteners that help us do that. Where possible, we mount panels with plastic rivets to avoid the need to drill into the bodywork, or we clamp the panels in clips to make the installer’s job easier.

You can also order additional panels for the rear doors or hatch. These often have windows or plastic panels installed from the factory.

For many models, it is also possible to line the ceiling. We use the same material for this as for the walls, making the end result an attractive whole.


Walls in 4 mm Walls in 6,5 mm
Number of veneer layers 3 5
Top layertype Polypropylene Polypropylene
Density 700 kg/m3 700 kg/m3
Top Layer 0.2 mm 0.2 mm

There is increasing demand for a plastic alternative to the wooden wall liner, especially internationally. To meet this demand, we offer the option of ordering the wall liner in full polypropylene. These grey sandwich panels are characterised by very low weight, which benefits the loading capacity of the vehicle. The fit and installation is the same as what you are used to from us. Ask about the possibilities.

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