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At motexion, we’re glad to help you with the protection of your company car.For every brand and model <7000lb we develop and produce a complete range of accesoiries for optimal protection. The use of this product prevents damage to your load, car and driver. Our gamma is delivered including fastenings and ready-to-install packages, which are easy to instal due to their perfect fit.The right products at the right time and the right place. That’s where our challenge lies.

Window Protection

Window protection guards against damage to the windows and is a deterrent to break-ins.
The windows of the cargo space are vulnerable components for several reasons. Long items or tossed cargo can damage or break the windows. Window protection prevents this damage. This also limits the view into the cargo space from outside, making what is being transported in the cargo space less visible. The grates also work as a deterrent against break-in.

The window grates are available for rear door and sliding door windows, are made of steel, and are provided with a dark power coating. They have a square or hexagonal hole pattern depending on the model of commercial vehicle.

They are easy to install in the recess of the door with the mounting materials supplied.


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